This is a transcript for My Name is What?


Sir: So class, today, we have a new student! Come on! 


(Sir opens the door and whispers)

Sir: Come on!

Josh: Okay! 

(walks in) 

Josh: Hello Class!

Sir: Hmm, sit there! 

(Josh falls over) 

(A kid called Alfie gets mad)

Alfie: (muttering) I hate class clowns.

(Josh sits by him and Alfie stares at him) 

Sir: Well, it is unfortunate to be a freshman today Josh, because everyone's just finished their tests! So now, you have to do them no-

Josh: Actually Sir, can I do them tomorrow?

Sir: No. You can do them next month, however the tests you'll be doing are Maths, Science, English, Geography, History, Art, PE- (as Sir was saying them Josh started frowning) 

(cuts to outside and Josh is still frowning and Alfie is staring at him) 

Josh: You know, you shouldn't be staring that long! You could break your eyeballs! Oh and your hair looks like either a butt with bad diarrhea or a big TURD!

(Alfie punches Josh) 

Josh: Was that supposed to hurt? 

(Alfie's face gets angry and he gets ready for a punch but the school bell goes off)

Josh: Gotta go, bye! (runs off)